Imagination’s List



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Well, hello!

This is my imagination’s list. Yeah, I called it with the imagination. It’s true, right? Don’t forget, to give a comment! Be a good reader, everywhere. Give a comment. One is enough for each story you read 🙂 Just click the story, it will bring you to a new tab!

√ Maybe Because the Doll | Kai & D.O | Genderswitch, Fluff

√ Just the Way You Are | Kyuhyun & Sooyoung | Straight, Romance, Fluff

The Doll Replacement | Chanyeol & Baekhyun | Genderswitch, Fluff, Fantasy

Remembrances | Suho & Lay | Genderswitch, Fluff

That Pianist | Sehun & Luhan | Genderswitch, Fantasy

One Day and Today | Luhan& D.O | Genderswitch, AU, Fluff

Useless Thing #1 | Random Thoughts

Quote #1 | Random

Should #1 | Random story (OC)

Can’t be Reached | Random Thoughts

Because of… | Kai, D.O, Sehun | Humor, Dorm-life

Ketika Senja Berakhir | Random story

Us | Random story

About this Little Thing | Random story

Flash-fic #1 | Random story

Flash-fic #2 | Random story

Flash-fic #3 | Random story

Sesimpel Itu | Random story

Review ORENJI 2016 + tips! | Tips, Review

Verifikasi Berkas STAN + tips! | Tips, STAN

A Strange Boy | Random story

Tes Stan tahap 1 dan 2 + tips! | Tips, STAN

yang sedikit, yang banyak | Random Story

Tetap | Random Story

Sadar | Random Story

Pernah Juga | Random Story

Tes STAN tahap 3 + tips! | Tips, STAN


STAN? (dan pertama kali menyapa ibukota) | Random, Curcol

I love when someone’s know how to appreciate.


Choi Yuna, g-friend’s goddess ✿ smile!


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