A Strange Boy

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I met him in my dreams. Always in the same situation, always in the end of something big, or in the start of something big.
I met him in my dreams. Once, it was filled with clouds and birds, chirping through the sky and their sweet whistles lingered in my ears. I asked him, “How do you do?”
That question is supposed to be answered with, “How do you do?” too, but we both know I am selfish.
He said with the same quiet tone. “This is a dream. One of yours.”
He knew. I smiled. “Yeah. I can’t hope on reality.”
“What is this time?”
“Not something big.” I answered, open my palm as he reached it, squeezed my hand. “Nothing.”
“Really? You look tired.”
“Can I place my head on your lap?”
He smiled, soft. Tender. Lovingly. “Sure.”
“Thank you.”
I found myself in another dream as I place my head in his lap. Or as I thought it would be soft, but it is not. I was in the middle of grass, alone. Flowers with high shaft are everywhere, but I found nothing in the presence of him.
I tried to say something loud, but I found myself was just whispering into the air.
I started to feeling desperate. Where is him? Then I heard someone, or some sounds, said, “Do you really need him?”
I would be lying if I say no.
But it was not utterly true if I say yes.
I don’t know.
I couldn’t find any exact answer.
I feel someone smiled. Or maybe the voice smiled. “You are not sure about yourself anymore.”
I smiled, weakly. “I’m never.”
I found myself in another dream. He was resting his head in my lap, so I unintentionally caressed his hair. It’s soft just like I always thought it would be. “Welcome back.” he whispered, eyes still closed. “Tough journey?”
I shook my head. “Not really, he is kind enough to let me.”
Though I don’t know which ‘he’ I mean.
He opened his eyes, entangling his hands with mine. “I thought you will going somewhere else.”
I giggled. “I’ll always come back. To you, even if I’m not feeling sure at all.”
[15/4/17 – 10:36 PM]

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